Coach Sanchez Leaves Nothing Out! You’ll learn how to simplify the process to losing weight and getting shredded, plus hidden secrets that help you work smarter, not harder!



The Starter Program combines the science of nutrition and training to create an optimal program that will transform your body. Step by step nutrition guidance and 12 different training split workouts scaled for every level will guide you through how you can lose weight/get shredded – and sustain the results for good!

  • Program Duration: 8-Week Virtual Program



Target audience/client:

  • Frequent gym goers unable to lose weight/get shredded
  • Beginners looking to get started
  • Men & Women
Almost all fitness programs fail to emphasize the key factors that will help you lose weight/get shredded. Not with The Starter Program! Our program keys in on the most critical factors of nutrition and training to help you transform like never before. That’s not all, we also include a 3rd key component we refer to as “Mindset” to help you establish the right mentality to prepare you for success. The Starter Program has range – it helps the frequent gym goers finally lose the weight they haven’t been able to lose to get shredded, and it helps those starting off their fitness journey with the primary goal to lose weight/get shredded!

Why The STARTEr program is different from the rest?

  1. Clear, Action-Oriented Plan: No more guesswork or confusion. Follow our simple, step-by-step plan and watch as real results unfold before your eyes.

  2. Safe & Time-Efficient Workouts: 12 different training splits to choose from to fit your style and schedule. Designed for individuals like you who value their time, our workouts deliver killer results in short sessions. Say goodbye to endless hours at the gym and hello to efficient, effective training.

  3. Simplified Approach: We believe in keeping things simple. With our program, you’ll tackle each week one step at a time, never overwhelming yourself with unnecessary complexities.

  4. Comprehensive Transformation: We understand that true transformation goes beyond just physical changes. That’s why our program addresses every aspect of your life – mind, body, and spirit – to ensure a holistic transformation that lasts.

  5. Sustainable Habits: Say goodbye to crash diets and temporary fixes. With The Starter Program, you’ll build the key habits needed to sustain your results for life, ensuring lasting success.

  6. Personalized Accountability: Unlike other programs that leave you to fend for yourself, we provide support and accountability for the first 30 days. Our team of experts will be with you for the first 30 days, ensuring you stay motivated and on track to reach your goals.


  • The No-Think Meal Plan: Enjoy delicious, satisfying meals without the hunger, fatigue, or cravings of restrictive diets.

  • Fat Loss + Lean Muscle Workouts: Get efficient, effective workouts you can do at home or the gym, requiring minimal equipment and time commitment.

  • Accountability System: Receive personalized support and motivation from our team of experts for the first 30 days, keeping you on track and focused on success.


Coach Sanchez uses science and experience to tailor a plan to your individual needs. Not every Body is the same and his assessments have proven to help with not just strength health but gut health. Coach Sanchez simplifies health and nutrition so that it is actually hard to fall off track and easy for him to keep you accountable. He knows when you're slacking or if something is wrong by analyzing the data, water weight, body fat%. You will notice more mental clarity and energy within 48 hours unlike fad diets.

Alex Corral

Following the plan was a big change in my lifestyle and at age 34 I knew change would take time. But after 3 months of following the calorie intake and working out i was able to loose 15 Ibs and 2 inches on my waist. My custom tailored wedding suit actually fit me loose.

Manuel Alonzo

I did do another program a few years back and the moment you got off of it you know the the weight came back or you either had to live like that forever and this program was a lot different because this program was able to get me to keep my rhythm at life going and everything that I was doing. I was able to continue doing it and still be able to lose the weight and feel better for the most part. It didn't seem as hard and there was some. A lot more cheat meals in this program and you actually see how the cheat meals are a positive way instead of a negative way. I liked it a lot.

Angie Castellanos

When I started the DADBOD program I was on High blood pressure medication and my blood pressure was 130 over 90. That was about my resting blood pressure which is still in hypertension. After the completion of week one, I just did an experiment to see if I could get off my blood pressure medication. and I went for my physical. When I got to my physical first of all my physician was absolutely ecstatic blown away with everything. And my blood pressure as it was then is 124/70 which is a huge dip and that's not on blood pressure medication. Since that visit, I've lost another six pounds. I was about 231 when I went in there. To go to the doctor's office and not feel like you're in the principal's office cuz I'm not taking care of myself, is an amazing feeling!

Dan Beringhele

I experienced a breakthrough moment when I realized I had shed 16 pounds. The progress during those eight weeks was invigorating, a boost of motivation to stay committed. My family and girlfriend, who see me daily, noticed the change too—remarkably leaner and better. The journey's momentum fuels my determination.

Ricky Flores

The HYT Guarantee

We want you to be confident in training with HYT. That’s why we offer our 30-day HYT Guarantee. For the first 30 days, Coach Sanchez will answer questions and work hard to ensure your success with the program. We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to you and your success!

About Coach Sanchez

Coach Sanchez has always been passionate about mindset, sports, weight training and helping others. With 6 NASM certifications, including 14+ years of weight training and nutrition experience, Coach Sanchez has also participated in and won two transformation challenges.

In addition, he has enhanced his sports mindset, training and nutrition toolbox by serving as a high school varsity football strength coach, while learning additional sports mindset, training and nutrition methods from professional coaches, trainers, former pro players and pro bodybuilders.

Coach Sanchez is uniquely qualified to help others achieve their transformation goals. He understands from first-hand experience the importance of proper mindset, training and nutrition and is dedicated to helping others transform their lives.

If you’re looking for someone who can help you achieve your transformation goals, Coach Sanchez is the perfect person for the job.

Francisco Sanchez | Founder & Owner


Certified Personal Trainer

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Youth Exercise Specialist

Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

Certified Nutrition Coach