Unlock Your Peak Performance: Achieve Your Ultimate Potential with Personalized Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Training


Our mission is to help individuals of all ages, including youth athletes, parents, and anyone looking to kick-start their fitness journey, achieve their best selves through optimized physical development and a strong mindset. We understand that everyone has unique short and long-term goals and challenges, which is why we prioritize building trust and understanding with our clients to ensure a successful transformation.

At our core, we believe in redefining training and transformation. Our coaching and training techniques are not just about physical development, but also about cultivating a positive and disciplined mindset that can be applied both on and off the field or court and in life.

We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with our clients, always striving to provide effective coaching that produces real results. We continuously learn and evolve to stay at the forefront of the industry and to help our clients achieve their full potential.

Our goal is not just to help you achieve short-term success, but to help you change your lifestyle for long-term sustainable success. We work with you to identify your personal goals, challenges, and preferences, and create a customized plan that will help you achieve your best self, both physically and mentally.

Choose us for our personalized approach, proven track record, and commitment to helping you achieve your best self for the long haul.


  • Passion-Driven
  • Trustworthy
  • Honest & Transparent
  • Have Fun
  • Purposeful Coaching
  • Continuous Learning
  • Focus on Fundamentals






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Coach Sanchez uses science and experience to tailor a plan to your individual needs. Not every Body is the same and his assessments have proven to help with not just strength health but gut health. Coach Sanchez simplifies health and nutrition so that it is actually hard to fall off track and easy for him to keep you accountable. He knows when you're slacking or if something is wrong by analyzing the data, water weight, body fat%. You will notice more mental clarity and energy within 48 hours unlike fad diets.

Alex Corral

Following the plan was a big change in my lifestyle and at age 34 I knew change would take time. But after 3 months of following the calorie intake and working out i was able to loose 15 Ibs and 2 inches on my waist. My custom tailored wedding suit actually fit me loose.

Manuel Alonzo

I did do another program a few years back and the moment you got off of it you know the the weight came back or you either had to live like that forever and this program was a lot different because this program was able to get me to keep my rhythm at life going and everything that I was doing. I was able to continue doing it and still be able to lose the weight and feel better for the most part. It didn't seem as hard and there was some. A lot more cheat meals in this program and you actually see how the cheat meals are a positive way instead of a negative way. I liked it a lot.

Angie Castellanos

When I started the DADBOD program I was on High blood pressure medication and my blood pressure was 130 over 90. That was about my resting blood pressure which is still in hypertension. After the completion of week one, I just did an experiment to see if I could get off my blood pressure medication. and I went for my physical. When I got to my physical first of all my physician was absolutely ecstatic blown away with everything. And my blood pressure as it was then is 124/70 which is a huge dip and that's not on blood pressure medication. Since that visit, I've lost another six pounds. I was about 231 when I went in there. To go to the doctor's office and not feel like you're in the principal's office cuz I'm not taking care of myself, is an amazing feeling!

Dan Beringhele

I experienced a breakthrough moment when I realized I had shed 16 pounds. The progress during those eight weeks was invigorating, a boost of motivation to stay committed. My family and girlfriend, who see me daily, noticed the change too—remarkably leaner and better. The journey's momentum fuels my determination.

Ricky Flores


“My dream has always been to be a part of weight training and sports – this is my passion! I founded HYT because I believe that everyone has the potential to live their best life. I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help youth athletes effectively develop through a fundamental sport mindset, nutrition, and weight training. There are plenty of fitness companies out there, but what sets HYT apart is our genuine commitment to our clients – our focus is on transforming youth athletes to differentiate themselves from the rest. HYT is focused on establishing a foundation for our youth athletes that will be sustainable, while creating a mindset for success both on and off the field or court. This is an opportunity to live a dream while helping others.

HYT is about more than just working out; it is about working towards a common goal by getting better each day while having fun! It’s about fundamentals, accountability, discipline, support and uplifting each other. We are all in this together, and I am here to help you every step of the way. Together, we can achieve anything! So let’s get started today on your journey to a better tomorrow. Welcome to HYT!”

Francisco Sanchez | Founder & Owner